Millennium Reign Energy featured in RealLeaders Magazine

General Motors Fuel Cell Vehicle

Millennium Reign Energy has been featured in the July 2021 RealLeaders magazine as a “profitable solution to protect our environment”. You can find the article featuring MRE on page 5 of the magazine. Visit

MRE now has a hydrogen station in Fukushima Japan

Millennium Reign Energy Hydrogen Station Tajima Motor Corp

MRE now has a station in Japan. Our latest installation in Fukushima Japan for the Tajima Motor Corp. Due to the Travel restrictions for Americans to go to Japan, it took 8 days from 7 at night to 3 am in the morning online and via Zoom to direct the Japanese installation crew. The project […]

Chris McWhinney Speaks with CleanTech News about the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway

The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research

In an interview with CleanTech News, Chris McWhinney of Millennium Reign Energy discusses his plans to build the first ever, United States Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway. Chris reveals their successes in developing solar and wind powered hydrogen generators and the role they will play in moving the US towards all renewable energy for transportation. Chris also […]

3 New Hydrogen Fueling Stations in Ohio by MRE (Press Release)

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Car

Millennium Reign Energy (MRE) has been paving the way for zero emissions hydrogen! We are excited to announce the completion of the initial test leg of the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway, connecting Dayton Ohio, Portsmouth Ohio and Columbus Ohio in a triangular corridor (“Ohio Hydrogen Triangle”). This phase of the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway consists of 3 […]

October 8th is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day!

SHFA Model 300 Hydrogen Fueling Appliance and Fuel Cell Vehicle

Millennium Reign Energy (MRE) is celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell day (October 8th) by helping spread awareness about how hydrogen can help the environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. MRE is dedicated to building the first Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway and providing an affordable and accessible means for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle owners […]

“Hydrogen Bill”, Innovator and Supporter of Hydrogen, will be greatly missed.

Hydrogen Bill Paetzold

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our friend and long time supporter, Bill Paetzold aka “Hydrogen Bill”.  On the morning of September 22, 2019, “Hydrogen Bill” passed away, leaving behind the family, friends and memories of the man he was. “Hydrogen Bill” was a farmer, business owner of Panhandle Sustainable […]