Individual Energy Independence

MRE Earth Station ™

The uniqueness of our approach is that this packaged and delivered energy system will allow an individual the ability to create their own private energy generation and storage system, (A Renewable Hydrogen Smart Micro Grid or Nano Grid) and have their own hydrogen infrastructure instead of waiting on the world to pay for and build one they could use.

Hydrogen unit in Hawaii with new injection molded cells
MRE’s 330 Triple Twin Electrolyzer
Dull Homestead Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines
Dull Homestead Solar Array
Solar Array on Rooftops
AutoArk® 55 Cell Electrolizer
AutoArk® 55

Fuel Cell cars are now being offered by 3 companies to consumers now in California and over 22,000 are on the road. There are currently more than 90,000 fuel cell forklifts running in distribution centers in the USA today.

What has been missing from the equation is affordable and safe onsite hydrogen production and dispensing that can be matched up with an individual need or local demand. MRE now has 10 SHFAs (Scale-able Hydrogen Fueling Appliances) that have received a Certificate of Attestation from CSA Group to meet the requirements of CSA Group IR 3-18 which spells out all of the critical codes and standards the SHFAs are built to. CSA Group is a third party Internationally recognized laboratory. This Document and the Attestation from CSA Group together give permitting officials the confidence they need to issue permits to install these systems where needed.

One  other unique feature is our Hydrogen Generator is more cost effective than our nearest competitor. It is scale-able from 2.5 cubic feet per hour up to 2,961 scf/hr. and it provides waste heat to a building as a byproduct.

MRE is currently developing a Mega 10 class electrolyzer that could be capable of producing 160 kilograms per day on site. This system in units of 3 will consume about 1 mega watt of energy and make about 480 kilograms per day. These Mega Harvesters TM could be matched up with wind and solar farms to store massive amounts of renewable energy for use at more optimal times at much less per kilowatt hour than batteries once the production plant is in place. They could also supply the back-end support to MRE’s future networks of onsite hydrogen fueling stations as the demand for the hydrogen produced on site climbs above the space available. Hydrogen from the Mega Harvesters could be trucked to the fueling stations to provide back fill to meet the demand. The trucks themselves could even run on the very hydrogen they are delivering.