Installations and Uses of MRE's Hydrogen Products

Millennium Reign Energy thanks Blue Planet Research, HCATT, Stone Edge Farms Micro Grid, Wooster Engineering, Hydrogen House Project, TIG
Modern Street Railways, Dull Homestead, and The Ohio State University, for all their support, research and reporting over the years.

Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (HCATT)

Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (HCATT) has been very helpful with buying 2 SHFA Model’s 104 and using them to fill a fuel cell ordinance loader for the F22 Raptor fighter Jets at Hickam Airforce Base, and also fueling a fuel cell light cart and Genset from Luxfer GTM. Stan Osserman pictured to the top left, also has had Chris McWhinney on his weekly energy TV show called ThinkTech, and showcased MRE and the fact that we installed Honolulu’s first hydrogen fueling station. Their use of the product gave MRE ideas on many ways to improve the product.
You can click on this button to see the Think Tech show and learn more about MRE.

The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research

The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research has put more 24/7 hours on our systems for weeks at a time than any other installation. Keeping up with the fueling demands of a fuel cell bus has given the SHFA Model 300 a serious work out. MRE has learned a great deal and made many improvements because of this project for the Department of Transportation to study fuel cell buses in action. In the lower right is our education unit now at 25 high schools and universities

Blue Planet Research

Lower left picture is The Pu U Wa Awa Ranch and home to Blue Planet Research on the Big Island of Hawaii, MRE delivered its first overseas systems here in 2013. Paul Ponthieux, Henk Rogers and the team there have been very instrumental in helping with designs for the first 330 triple Twin electrolyzer and have had the longest continuous use of our systems to date. They are a great example of the way a Micro Grid should work and they have used the MRE Products to provide an important storage method of the excess solar from the 85 KW array on the roof and to supplement the batteries with a back up stationary fuel cell. They also purchase our fueling station with 400 bar internal storage. They used the hydrogen produced by the MRE equipment to transfer into DOT cylinders and transport this Hydrogen up to the MARS Habitat where the NASA space program uses the hydrogen to power fuels cell in the Nano Grid powering the Habitat.

Lower left picture is MRE’s first all in one SHFA model 100 and an AutoArk 27 at the grand opening of the Hydrogen house in Hopewell NJ. With the Toyota fuel cell car, Mike Strizki helped to promote hydrogen and MRE at this event.

Lower middle picture is our SHFA Model 300 in Sonoma Ca. at Stone Edge Farms Microgrid. They use the hydrogen to fuel 3 Toyotas and 2 Honda fuel cell cars as well as store solar power with hydrogen.

Lower right picture is the Hydrogen transport system by GTM that was brought to our Sonoma station to retrieve Hydrogen gas for the 2017 Super Bowl in San Francisco. It was used for the light carts and generators that ran on fuel cells to power Super Bowl city for the week before the big game.

Wooster Engineering and Stone Edge Farms have played a critical role in collecting Data from fueling events. This data is being used in the SAE and NFPA2 and CSA to help develop new standards for ambient 35 MPa non-communications fueling protocols.

The Dull Homestead Micro Grid

The Dull Homestead provided a place for our first micro grid installation and showcase in 2006. An AutoARK 55 and 111 were both tested at this facility called the Future Energy Center and was the environmental branch for the Dayton International Peace Museum. It was powered by both wind and Solar. Later MRE installed the first ever hydrogen fueling station in the State of Ohio in 2010. In September 2011 General Motors brought their Fuel Cell SUV to the Station for a day of riding and driving for interested parties and 3 news networks. They also used the opportunity to run tests on the MRE fueling protocol to be sure that is was safe and did not exceed safe temperatures, overfill or result in over-density in any of the several fills we gave to them. MRE owes a great deal to these 2 organizations for being the first to believe in us and give us the chance to prove ourselves and establish credibility.  

New Products Under Construction

The Stone edge Farms Micro Grid asked MRE to build a 700 bar or 10,000 psi hydrogen fueling station. This new station has 18 kilograms of H2 at 12,750 psi pre stored on board, with a compressor that will take H2 fed from one of our SHFA models at 4,000 psi and boost the pressure to 12,750 psi. This new station will have a J2600 70 MPa nozzle with communications and will be at ambient temperature. 

Middle 3D drawing is of our new Mega 4 Electrolyzer that will produce 64 kg per day. This product is currently being built for two separate customers and is expected to be available first quarter 2020.

Pictured far right is our Mega 10 Electrolyzer. This product would produce 160 kg per day and consume 360,000 watts of power. This product can be used as a building block to produce hydrogen for utility scale storage, and can be scaled with 3 units equaling 1 megawatt, and producing 480 kg per day.

Lower left picture: it was out with the old and in with the new.  At Blue Planet after 3 years of running the very first 330 triple twin electrolyzer MRE had made over 63 improvements to the product. We were able to work a good trade and delivered to them a new upgraded product with our first six injection molded stacks and they have now put 3 more years on this unit.

Below is a Triumph of sorts. MRE built, delivered, and installed our hydrogen fueling station in downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As you can see the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa rise up right behind our station. We also installed our 330 TT with Twin compressors, shown lower left, being unloaded into the basement thru a hole in the floor inside the trolley depot.

The system was the second of 5 units to be purchased by TIG Modern Street Railways of Chatsworth CA. and was to fuel the fuel cell Trolley shown to the left. The 1st unit was delivered and installed at their headquarters in Chatsworth just north of L.A.

These installations were tremendous experiences and proved that MRE can do this anywhere in any conditions. TIG has been very helpful and we appreciate them.

Lower left picture is another system MRE has created to have our own in house Micro Grid to showcase the interaction of Batteries, and fuel cells thru invertors and driving a hydrogen generator from solar. We demonstrate what happens when the sun does not shine. 

Lower right picture is the prototype of our Mega Watt Scale hydrogen generator. It will be the core of the Mega 4 TA 70 SHFA and enable the breakthrough to hydrogen being less costly than Gasoline.