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Hydrogen Generators
We design, manufacture and distribute safe, efficient, hydrogen generators, hydrogen fueling appliances and infrastructure for home and business.
These systems can be powered by either the grid, wind or solar power.
General Motors Fuel Cell Vehicle and Chris McWhinney of Millennium Reign Energy
Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway
Hydrogen Fuel Stations from New York to LA
MRE plans to develop the world's first Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway along US I70, making hydrogen fuel cell vehicle ownership more practical.
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Hydrogen Production Education
AutoArk® Ed Educational Kit
MRE is helping empower the future with awareness and understanding of renewable hydrogen fuel production with the AutoArk® Ed educational kit.

Hydrogen Production & Equipment

Millennium Reign Energy (MRE) provides cost effective hydrogen generators…   (Alkaline Electrolyzers) These hydrogen generators do not make electricity, they do generate hydrogen from splitting water with electricity and can be powered by wind and solar, making them an all-around environmentally friendly method of storing renewable energy in the form of hydrogen. 

MRE manufactures hydrogen fuel stations for use with hydrogen fueling cell vehicles and forklifts, as well as other compatible hydrogen fueled machines and equipment like drones, busses and semi-trucks.  Our Alkaline electrolyzers are scalable and perfect for homeowners and business owners aiming to go Green and help the environment by ditching fossil fuel driven machines and vehicles.

These hydrogen stations are also available for commercial use. Our hydrogen generators can provide fuel for a wide variety of applications.  Millenium Reign Energy hydrogen generators are currently being utilized by The Ohio State University, automotive manufacturers, corporations and for government and military contracts.

The planned Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway, will provide a clean drive all the way from New York to LA and will utilize the Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliance products of MRE.

Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway

From Los Angeles to New York, Millennium Reign Energy plans to bring hydrogen stations to the length of US Interstate 70, making use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles more practical and efficient. MRE recognizes that one of the hurdles of transitioning to vehicles that utilize renewable energy is fueling and/or recharging. With hydrogen generator stations, there is no need to wait extended periods for a battery to charge.  These Scalable Hydrogen Stations provide quick stops for fueling.

The Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway is just the beginning of Millennium Reign Energy’s push toward a renewable and environmentally friendly future. As a MRE Investor, you can be a part of the transformation.

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