Millennium Reign Energy LLC (MRE) was founded in 2008 and is based in Dayton Ohio. The founder, Chris McWhinney, filed a provisional patent in November 2003 on something called a Residential Hydrogen Power Plant. The original idea was to develop a cost effective hydrogen generator that would split water into Hydrogen and oxygen and drive it with electricity from wind and solar. The hydrogen could then be stored for times when there is no wind or sun. The hydrogen could be used as fuel to run a standby electrical generator or to produce electricity with a fuel cell. This could result in people living off grid and being energy independent. Now these systems are called Renewable Smart Micro Grids and provide diversified energy to homes and businesses, which allows for the opportunity to become totally Individually Energy Independent ™. We have assigned them with the product name of Earth Station ™.

Many new uses for such a system have been developed. We have commercialized hydrogen products ready to deploy. The first is to provide hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell cars and forklifts. We have diligently kept up with the transformations taking place in the hydrogen industry and have continued to position MRE and its products to take full advantage of these and other developing markets. Many well-known industry authorities have seen our products and have remarked at their high quality and the advanced technological lead that MRE enjoys. Now with 10 models of our scalable hydrogen fueling appliances receiving a Certificate of Attestation from CSA to IR 3-18 we have factory produced products that meet all pertinent codes and standards to be deployed. MRE is now positioned to execute our plan.

MRE’s plan is to build the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway with 27 H2 stations from LA to New York mostly along interstate 70 and have it open for business in 2021. Then from that base line build an additional 500 hydrogen fueling stations by the end of 2024 and 5,000 more over the following 5 years after that. Ultimately achieving 30,000 total in the USA over 20 years with a projected $30 billion in sales of equipment and a projected $6.1 billion in annual recurring revenue on hydrogen gas sales. This represents only one of 6 markets needing the products offered by MRE. 

Here at Millennium Reign Energy LLC we believe we are category killers. We have disruptive and transformational technology. MRE has developed a Great Team of people from a technical and leadership perspective ( see management team tab) to execute our plan and the company is in excellent financial position to carry it all out.

With the momentum and acceptance of the green revolution and particularly in the hydrogen space and  with our technological advancements, our confidence is constantly reinforced by people that quickly accept our position and provide support. All indications show the time is now to aggressively pursue this opportunity with all the talent and financial resources that can be brought to bear with a clear vision and a sense of urgency. One Report states that in the next 10 years the market could be as much as 500 Billion dollars for building out the USA hydrogen fueling infrastructure and that is what we do.

Get to know hydrogen 2 minute video link

The nature of our opportunity is vast as Hydrogen replaces  gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, propane, and can store electricity, all with sustainable renewable power and no pollution.. Our plan focuses on 6 low hanging fruit opportunities. Each market will be approached with the same time tested and proven products now in operation.  MRE would like to thank you for exploring our historical opportunity to revolutionize the world’s energy markets.


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