Why Hydrogen

  1. Hydrogen is the most abundant of all elements in the universe.
  2. Hydrogen can replace gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas.
  3. Hydrogen like electricity is classed as an energy carrier.
  4. Hydrogen can be produced and consumed with zero impact on the environment.
  5. Hydrogen can be used to fuel internal combustion engines and fuel cell vehicles.
  6. Hydrogen can be used to cook and heat with.
  7. Hydrogen can be used to store mega watt utility scale energy.
  8. Hydrogen will reduces the dependence on imported fuels.
  9. Hydrogen is as safe and in many cases safer than the use of gasoline, diesel or natural gas.
  10. Hydrogen produced by renewable energy can enable sustainable energy independence.
  11. Hydrogen working with batteries and renewables can enable Smart Micro Grids to become the status quo.

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