US Navy Research Lab uses MRE’s SHFA Model 100 in Washington DC

Naval Research Laboratory Hydrogen Fuel Generator MRE

The United States Naval Research Lab (NRL) purchased a Model 100 Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliance from MRE and was installed in June 2018. They are using the hydrogen fuel it produces to fuel drones and test the range extension provided by hydrogen over batteries. Recently NRL produced a video of the marvelous things that NRL […]

MRE featured on Think Tech Hawaii

Hawaii Installation MRE Hydrogen Generator

Chris McWhinney the Founder and CEO of Millennium Reign Energy LLC was featured on 3/22/2019 on the weekly show called Think Tech Hawaii on the Stan the Energy Man show. Click the following link to view this 30 minute program and see a presentation that informs people of the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway and shows some […]

Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway announcement

MRE Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway

Press Release; MRE to build the world first Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway fro LA to New York. Also see 2 additional recent press releases for MRE obtaining CSA Certificates of Attestation to CSA Group IR 3-18 for Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliances and IR 4-14 for hydrogen generators using water electrolysis. Use the following link to the […]

MRE’s Latest Installations

MRE installed 5 new systems from July 2015 to October 30 2015 and they can be seen below. Our system in Dubai will fuel the fuel cell street car as shown below. The fuel cell acts as a range extender for the batteries on board the street car. The fueling Station is located outside the depot […]

General Motors Fuels with MRE Hydrogen

MRE would like to thank all those who came out to Dull Homestead on October 15th. On a day with plenty of wind and sun, MRE and GM demonstrated how Hydrogen from renewable energy will change the future of transportation. Our company continues to make great strides in technology that makes hydrogen creation, storage, and […]

Press Release | Demonstrating the Ability to Use Hydrogen Today

Millennium Reign Energy LLC is demonstrating the ability to use hydrogen today as a transportation fuel. Come to the Dull Homestead, just north of Brookville, Ohio, on Saturday, October 15th, 2011, from 10 am to 3 pm to witness hydrogen fueling and experience a Chevrolet Fuel Cell vehicle provided by General Motors. Chevrolet Equinox Fuel […]

Green Energy Center at Dull Homestead

Green Energy Center at Dull Homestead The Green Energy Center, located at the Dull Homestead near Brookville, Ohio, is a renewable energy center dedicated to public education and the advancement of sustainable energy and clean fuels. The center established in 2006, is one of a few worldwide that combines wind and solar, with hydrogen, to […]