October 8th is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day!

SHFA Model 300 Hydrogen Fueling Appliance and Fuel Cell Vehicle

Millennium Reign Energy (MRE) is celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell day (October 8th) by helping spread awareness about how hydrogen can help the environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

MRE is dedicated to building the first Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway and providing an affordable and accessible means for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle owners to quickly fuel their vehicles.  The Millennium Reign Energy network of hydrogen fueling stations will provide peace of mind for fuel cell vehicle owners that are concerned about short and long distance transportation.

Combine that with the MRE home hydrogen fuel generator appliances, which dispense hydrogen fuel directly into hydrogen vehicles, and you have an all around zero emissions mode of modern transportation.

Help us spread awareness by sharing this article and telling others about how hydrogen will make the world a cleaner place.

For more details, take a look at the official website for National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell day.