Millennium Reign Energy Impact ProfileAlternative Fuel Industry April 2019

Company Description

Millennium Reign Energy, LLC (MRE) is a hydrogen infrastructure manufacturer and distributor that has built a fully automatic hydrogen generating station and storage system. The AutoARK® technology uses electricity from any source to separate water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen.

Climate Impact Score

Boundless Analysis

  • This profile compares MRE’s electrolysis technology against other hydrogen production technologies and fuels used in the transportation industry.
  • The Climate Impact Score is based on per product impact and it is based on GHG emissions, air quality, use of water and energy.
  • Boundless scores MRE 9/10 on per unit impact. The score rationale can be found in Appendix F.
  • Scaled operations could eventually replace 18% of the domestic road fuels market and save 17 billion metric tons of CO2.
  • The outlook for MRE to successfully commercialize their technology and products is positive. Key factors in the assessment: