Small Scale Hydrogen Fuel Generation for the Public

SHFA Model 300 Hydrogen Fueling Appliance

Chris McWhinney, CEO of Millennium Reign Energy, discusses how smaller scale hydrogen generation is the most effective way to bring hydrogen fuel and energy to the public.  Chris explains to Stan the Man of ThinkTech Hawaii, how Millennium Reign Energy will use small scale hydrogen fueling appliances, rather than massive expensive generators to provide a […]

3 New Hydrogen Fueling Stations in Ohio by MRE (Press Release)

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Car

Millennium Reign Energy (MRE) has been paving the way for zero emissions hydrogen! We are excited to announce the completion of the initial test leg of the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway, connecting Dayton Ohio, Portsmouth Ohio and Columbus Ohio in a triangular corridor (“Ohio Hydrogen Triangle”). This phase of the Transcontinental Hydrogen Highway consists of 3 […]