Chris McWhinney talks Hydrogen Trends and the Impact of COVID-19

Hydrogen Fuel Market Growth Chart Listen in as Chris McWhinney of Millennium Reign Energy chats with Stan the Man of ThinkTech Hawaii about what’s currently trending in new Hydrogen technology and how the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is impacting the Hydrogen industry.

Small Scale Hydrogen Fuel Generation for the Public

SHFA Model 300 Hydrogen Fueling Appliance

Chris McWhinney, CEO of Millennium Reign Energy, discusses how smaller scale hydrogen generation is the most effective way to bring hydrogen fuel and energy to the public.  Chris explains to Stan the Man of ThinkTech Hawaii, how Millennium Reign Energy will use small scale hydrogen fueling appliances, rather than massive expensive generators to provide a […]

MRE’s Latest Installations

MRE installed 5 new systems from July 2015 to October 30 2015 and they can be seen below. Our system in Dubai will fuel the fuel cell street car as shown below. The fuel cell acts as a range extender for the batteries on board the street car. The fueling Station is located outside the depot […]

General Motors Fuels with MRE Hydrogen

MRE would like to thank all those who came out to Dull Homestead on October 15th. On a day with plenty of wind and sun, MRE and GM demonstrated how Hydrogen from renewable energy will change the future of transportation. Our company continues to make great strides in technology that makes hydrogen creation, storage, and […]

MRE Featured in Dayton City Paper

MRE Featured in the Dayton City Paper Chris McWhinney, Millenium Reign Energy CEO, was interviewed for an article for the Dayton City Paper.


Hydrogen Fueling Station Our SHFA (Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliance) is now featured on the website.