AutoARK® 11 or 27 cell models

Millennium Reign Energy LLC’s proprietary product, the AutoARK® is a fully automated hydrogen generator created for residential, small business and/or agricultural applications. The AutoARK® focuses on affordability, ease of operation, and safety for the owner. Composed of cells in a horizontal stack it is scalable to meet any need for hydrogen production. Built with high efficiency in mind, the waste heat and medical grade oxygen by-products of the AutoARK®, can be used for home or other uses. Enhancing the practicality of on site hydrogen production.

  • Low capacity model.
  • Fully Automated
  • Operates on 120v input from wall outlet, converts to 24v DC
  • 11 or 27 cell horizontal stack
  • Production Rate is 5 scfh for the 11 cell and nearly 1 kg per day for the 27 cell model
  • 99.8 H2 purity out of the stack
  • Dimensions: 5’ x 2.5’ x 2.2’
  • 350 lbs
  • Connections for wind and solar power
  • Input power 750 watts
  • 63% Efficiency in production
  • Purification to higher quality gas for extra cost

The Unit:

This AutoARK® system is encased in either powder coated steel or stainless steel and is fully automated for ease of operation. Safety features have been incorporated to allow for use by all consumers. Production models are currently operating on both 240 vac and 120 vac line voltages. Our new 27 and 55 cell models can  be made in this fashion as well in stead of the L shaped HDPE cabinet shown on these product pages. The AutoARK® also runs on energy created from wind and solar, completing the circle. TRUE sustainability: clean green fuel, powered by renewable energy.

Safety features include:

Onboard sensor to detect any hydrogen in the oxygen relief stream, water level fault indicators, high temperature shut off and low temperature cool down pressure relief, pressure relief valves, automatic water refill pump. All functions are monitored thru an internet connectable PLC with digital readout.

Purification to 99.999 available for extra cost.


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