Affordable Scalable Hydrogen Infrastructure

Millennium Reign Energy LLC’s proprietary product, the AutoARK® is a fully automated hydrogen generator created to a scale for residential, small business, farm applications or fueling stations.

Built with efficiency in mind our stacks average using 48 kilowatt hours to make 1 kilogram of hydrogen or about 400 standard cubic feet. Our systems can then use waste heat for assisting in heating a home as a by-product of hydrogen production further increasing the efficiency. This greatly enhances affordability of on site production of hydrogen.

Focus has been placed on safety first with affordability and ease of operation for the owner. Composed of cells in a horizontal stack it is scalable and will work for any number of cells. Water enters the stacks separation chambers from tanks separately then re-circulates passively back into the same tank it was extracted from. When electricity is applied gas bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen created inside the stacks flow through this water stream back to their original tank where the top half of the tank provides temporary compressive storage until it reaches its capacity and will automatically turn itself off. A unique and inexpensive Patented membrane has been employed to keep the hydrogen separated from the oxygen. Proper valves are opened or closed by automation and captured hydrogen is purged into a larger tank for more permanent storage, and the oxygen is purged into the environment or into the home to improve air quality.

AutoArk 11,22,55 cell Stack

New Version AutoARK® 55

This process continues until a large tank reaches 125 psi. The pressure is developed and maintained by the AutoARK® itself. All systems have been fully automated for ease of operation, including safety features with many failsafe features which have been incorporated to allow for safe use by an inexperienced consumer. Production models are currently operating on both 240 volt and 120 volt line voltages and the AutoARK® also will run on wind and solar through the renewable source’s invertors.

Scalability is a key advantage to the product. MRE has multiple levels of products producing different volume levels of hydrogen per day. The units are scaled in cell numbers of 11, 27, 55, 111 and our best selling system is our new model 330 TT for (Triple Twin). The hydrogen production range on the product line is currently from 6.5 scfh up to 200 scfh or 12 kilograms per day. This wide range allows for more proper size matching to your needs and saves money by not buying a bigger system than you need.


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