Our Plan to help Build the Hydrogen Economy

Millennium Reign Energy Centers

The introduction of hydrogen (“H2”) presents several challenges when looked at from the perspective of changing the whole world’s fossil fuel based economy over to the clean renewable hydrogen based economy.


Image courtesy of NASA

Millennium Reign Energy LLC solutions are a mixture of several small steps over a period of time that will enable us as a country to reach this goal.

First, we recognize that fossil fuels are used for homes, businesses and transportation and will continue to be used for a time to come. This transition to hydrogen requires an educational campaign to be launched through a series of MRE Centers that double as educational centers in addition to our Education units for the schools. These MRE Centers with H2 fuel stations will themselves be powered by and utilize hydrogen , with co-generation, wind and solar on-site to run independently off the electric grid, while providing a working model of a Nano Grid and what a customer can purchase from MRE. MRE Centers will sell and install hydrogen car conversion kits, fuel cells, wind turbines and solar panels, AutoARK®s, H2 generation sets, cogeneration sets, standby generators converted to run on hydrogen, hydrogen burners for furnaces, stoves and grills, hydrogen, water and oxygen storage equipment and other equipment needed in the hydrogen economy.

These MRE Centers could sell hydrogen and medical oxygen produced on site as well as Bio fuels like Soy Diesel, Ethanol and Metrol but no non-renewable fuels such as gasoline or diesel. MRE H2 fuel stations will be developed and sold as a franchise for an area reservation target fee per area and a per unit price that would  include all the equipment. Future MRE Centers /H2 stations will be all inclusive with a simple cookie-cutter design in clean futuristic looking building(s) so that the buildings themselves act as a visual sign of a new Energy Future and are positioned so as to maximize solar input.

Retail green energy logo apparel and merchandise as well as organic foods and convenient items may be sold inside the store. While in the store, people can learn about how they do not have to wait for the H2 economy to evolve because they can individually switch themselves over all at once with their very own Nano or Micro Grid and make hydrogen at home, or gradually by converting a vehicle thru Pure Energy Conversions LLC and buying their hydrogen from the MRE Center.

All MRE products will be sold, distributed and installed through MRE Center franchises. In this way one family at a time and ultimately one community at a time will transition the USA to the hydrogen economy, all while providing jobs and opportunity and improving our world.

Our plan is to build 10 of these stations at strategic locations in California 5 on the Big Island of Hawaii and some in Ohio with the help of all of MRE’s Collaborating Partners and the new MRE site owners to be discovered over the next few years. MRE will create a CSA Certified Interstate Hydrogen Highway that produces the hydrogen it sells on the same site it sells the hydrogen. Allowing for travel by fuel cell or ICE hydrogen vehicles from MRE’s station to be placed from Detroit to Dayton and through out California and Hawaii and always have a place to get pure high pressure Hydrogen in those places. Eventually this will be expanded to all States and the World.

Once this is accomplished MRE will refine what we learn and expand to over 1,000 stations with an average of 20 per state by teaming up with entities that have strategic locations and the land in place already like some box stores do for hydrogen fueling stations and would have onsite additional uses for the hydrogen on top of what the fuel cell cars would require like their fork lifts used to unload product.



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