Green Energy Center at Dull Homestead

Green Energy Center at Dull Homestead The Green Energy Center, located at the Dull Homestead near Brookville, Ohio, is a renewable energy center dedicated to public education and the advancement of sustainable energy and clean fuels. The center established in 2006, is one of a few worldwide that combines wind and solar, with hydrogen, to […]

MRE Featured in Dayton City Paper

MRE Featured in the Dayton City Paper Chris McWhinney, Millenium Reign Energy CEO, was interviewed for an article for the Dayton City Paper.


Hydrogen Fueling Station Our SHFA (Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliance) is now featured on the website.

MRE Proud to Announce Ohio’s First Hydrogen Fueling Station

Millennium Reign Energy launched the first fully operational Hydrogen Fueling Station in the State of Ohio. The SHFA (Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliance) dispenses on-site produced hydrogen through a standard J2600 Certified Nozzle using a proprietary flow control system. The launching of the station was also featured in the Dayton Daily News.